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RDX G1 Gym Hand Grip Pads

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More About RDX G1 Gym Hand Grip Pads

Maintain perfect lifting form with the RDX Gym Weight Lifting Hand Grip Pads - our patent pending solution to bar slippage and callused hands. We’ve developed this product with a combination of synthetic foam and rubber to ensure that you won’t lose grip when lifting weights, and your hands won’t be damaged by high pressures either. The zero-slip texture will remain grippy even on smooth steel, and is durable enough to withstand even the heaviest of weights. This is the perfect gear for anyone serious about weightlifting, whether amateur or professional, and whether you need a bodybuilding grip or simple barbell grips.

  • Supplied as a pair and can be used in a variety of lifting scenarios and with various techniques
  • Gym grips are ergonomic and flexible, without the need for gloves, which allows for better bar feel and grip
  • Foam and rubber combo ensures perfect gripping form to allow you to concentrate on the lift
  • Protects the skin from damage without sacrificing feel, allowing you to train longer and harder


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